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Since its inception, to adopt customer satisfaction as a reason for existence, Cebeci Plastik, 1968, the present name in the aforementioned plastic injection molding industry, product and service quality is a productor of has been.Small company started its activities, thanks to the discipline of study, with a covered area of 10,000 m2 has become an industry giant.

the first years the company that produces kitchen utensils, without compromising on the quality principle of continuous developed.Cebeci their product range to meet the needs of customers with the latest technological Plastic machinery, robotics, tooling and manufacturing equipment products. R & D department of our company both in domestic and overseas customers by making mold design and manufacture of plastic packaging for companies to respond to the needs of the sector contributes to the development.

In response to requests from clients to our company IML printing, screen printing, pad printing and sticker application that is. The basic principle of our company is the quality, hygiene and customer satisfaction by manufacturing products based on the age of the catch. Cebeci, which has an experience of 44 years deep in maintaining the production of plastic without compromising on quality and this quality in this direction by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has been proven with legal certificates.